Cancer Angels Peru


 Cancer Angels Peru was founded  in 2008 by Karina and Erick Maguiño.

Karina had spent many days and hours at the Hospital undergoing her own treatments for breast cancer, when she became friendly with the children, struck by a similar tragic fate. 


Many of them had lost everything and were abandoned by their parents as they could not afford to pay for their treatment.


That year, the idea to bring some joy to their young lives by giving them a Christmas, was born.  They started collecting toys for the children who had mostly nothing left and delivered them bedside, dressed as Santa and his (her) helpers.


Help Karina bring joy to their young lives!

Help Karina stay strong in her own fight against breast cancer, so she can continue to bring a smile on these children's faces!  

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Mobile Phone999898825 / 999538822
Other Phone+511 3565207/  7927140



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